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While a trend often means a very specific aesthetic expression and often lasts less than a season, the fashion is a distinctive and industry-based expression that is traditionally associated with the fashion season and the collections. . Style is an expression that lasts for many seasons and is often associated with cultural movements and social markers, symbols, class and culture (eg Baroque, Rococo, etc.). According to the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu, fashion means „the latest fashion, the latest difference“ .

Although often used together, the term fashion is different from clothing and costumes, with the first describing the material and technical clothing, while the second refers to particular senses such as costume or masks. Instead, fashion describes the social and temporal system that „activates“ clothing as a social signifier in a given time and context. The philosopher Georgio Agamben combines fashion with the current intensity of the qualitative moment, with the temporal aspect that the Greeks called Kairos, while clothing is part of the quantitative, to what the Greeks called chronos .

Exclusive brands strive for the Haute Couture label, but the term is technically limited to members of the    Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris .

With increasing mass production of consumer goods at cheaper prices and with a global reach, sustainability has become an urgent issue for politicians, brands and consumers .


Fashion trends are influenced by a variety of factors, including cinema, celebrity, climate, creative exploration, political, economic, social and technological factors. The study of these factors is referred to as PEST analysis. Fashion researchers can use this information to determine the growth or decline of a particular trend. Fashion trends are changing daily, they can not stay the same.